Another Unwritten Rule

We have these unwritten rules in baseball.  Unwritten because they aren’t clearly defined.  Don’t slide too hard into my second baseman.  Don’t take too long rounding the bases.  Don’t bang on a trash can when you know what pitch is coming.  Those are just some of them.

So where does threatening my health fall?  Where does threatening my livelihood fall?  How egregious is jeopardizing baseball’s best efforts to exist in a pandemic?  Knowingly.  Willfully.  With malice.  That’s how Cleveland pitchers Zach Plesac and Mike Clevinger stand accused.  Leaving the team’s hotel to go out on the town together in Chicago.

Cleveland Indians President Chris Antonetti announces the demotions of Clevinger and Plesac for “violations of our code of conduct”

It’s a violation of trust.  It’s an unwritten rule.  The pair were sent home to quarantine and perhaps think about things more important than their own selfish urges.  And how the rest of the game treats them after they issue their apologies and swear they’ll do better.  Next time.  Assuming there is one.

  1. […] baseball, with the exception of a couple of clowns in Cleveland, and some early hiccups in Miami and St. Louis, the players proved mature enough to make the honor […]



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