Wrestlevision Now on Roku!

Everyone’s favorite Pro Wrestling/Comedy show is now On Demand, available on Roku in the US, Canada and the United Kingdom.

10 Episodes from the show’s original run (2004 to 2008) are ready to stream – with more classic content added weekly.


Here’s a rundown on the Original Ten episodes available to watch, right now:

Ep. 3. 25 – “Hide & Seek”  ep_325_Bryan

Official Description: Featuring a WV One-ON-One with WWE’s Daniel Bryan (Bryan Danielson) talking his career while appearing in Oshawa, Canada – plus FANS! With Da’ Old Guy – and Six-man tag action from NWA Upstate, with the Natural Born Blondes. Hosted by Scotty Bender.

Original Air Date: July 2005

What to Watch for:  The Scotty Bender interview with a young Bryan Danielson is a cant miss.  The interview takes place at a Warrior One Wrestling show in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada.  Bryan talks about his time training with the likes of Shawn Michaels and William Regal, as well as the differences between wrestling in America compared to Japan and the UK.  Also, Bryan finally settles the debate on how his “Cattle Mutalation” hold came to be called that.

Ep. 4. 19 – “Jump the Shark” brodielee2

Official Description: Classic Ep! Wrestlevision 4.19 features WWE’s Luke Harper (then Brodie Lee) teaming with Superstar Rob Schulz against Sweet Lou & Freddy Midnight. Plus – Big Men Collide in a Triple Threat Match when Big Cat meets Eric Everlast and Dewey! Hosted by Scotty Bender and Rob Schulz – Join us as Wrestlevision Jumps the Shark!

Original Air Date: May 2006

What to Watch for:  Childhood friends meet in the ring, one last time, as Brodie Lee teams with ‘Superstar’ Rob Schulz to battle Sweet Lou and Freddie Midnight, from Roc City Wrestling.  It’s a comedy match, and alliances are born and torn apart quickly.  It’s a return to the ring where his professional career started for Brodie, and a reminder of his early comedic wrestling roots.

Ep. 5. 05 – “Where are They Now?”Klepp_brodielee

Official Description: Wrestlevision: Where Are They Now? takes a look at some of the WV cast, and what happened to them – plus – Brodie Lee (WWE’s Luke Harper) is interviewed by Uber-fan Klepp! Matt Cross & Josh Prohibition battle the Ring Crew Express and Up in Smoke, in a 3-Way CAGE Match – and from Canada, James Champagne battles Phil Atlas. Hosted by Scotty Bender and Ivan the Impaler

Original Air Date: Feburary 2007

What to Watch for:  The tag team of Josh Prohibition and M-Dogg 2o (Matt Cross) made a name for themselves on the indy scene, and had just won the NWA Upstate tag titles by defeating Austin Aries and Roderick Strong.  Here they showcased their talents against former Ring of Honor tag team Dunn & Marcos, and from Special K, Cheech & Cloudy.  Some great action in this one, but I’d be remiss to not mention the James Champagne versus Phil Atlas match – a great showing from two underrated talents from North of the Border.

Ep. 5. 07 – “Waiting for Derwald”teddibiase1-on-1

Official Description: Wrestlevision visits with Richie Derwald, and goes One-ON-One with The Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase – plus Women’s wrestling with Cherry Bomb (Allie from IMPACT) vs Danya, and a grudge match between Eric Everlast and JP Black

Original Air Date: Feburary 2007

What to Watch for:  The Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase speaks with Scotty Bender about his career, his faith and his ministry – plus he has a really good Andre the Giant story to share.  Also, this episode guest stars Richie Derwald, a celebrity impersonator who brings his all to every role he plays.  Did we mention Cherry Bomb?  You know her now as Allie, on Impact and now in All Elite Wrestling.  See Allie here in one of her early matches in the squared circle.

Ep. 6. 06 – “The HOLY Show”holy.jpg

Official Description: A special look at the Spiritual Combat Wrestling show held at Genesee Community College in April 2006… It’s the Crusaders vs the Occult! Featuring Richie Derwald, Kwan Chang, Brodie Lee (Luke Harper), Ron Falco, Jimmy Olsen, Eric Everlast, Dewey, Frank the Tank… and it’s RIGHTEOUS! Plus, Scotty Bender and Ivan the Impaler share their diverse religious and/or spiritual belief systems… viewer beware!

Original Air Date: Feburary 2008

What to Watch for:  Sometimes on Wrestlevision, you just have to have fun with what you see in the ring… or at least, entertain yourselves.  Ivan the Impaler goes into “full shoot” mode during the main event, breaking kayfabe and even he doesn’t know what he might say – and for that, we are all eternally grateful.  Also, WWE’s Luke Harper is involved, so it’s like… historically significant?  Maybe?

Ep. 2. 04 – “Randallized”bigNtasty

Official Description: Handsome Randall Burton and his pal, Wayne Ferris, plot revenge against Scotty Bender in Randallized! Matches feature Brodie Lee, ie WWE’s Luke Harper, in tag-action with Freddy Midnight versus the Osawa Syndicate (Hellcat & Spazz) and a Cage Match from NAWA, between former WCW competitor Air Paris and Nemesis. Plus, Ian Decay battles Evan McCloud and the Canadian Thriller in a bloody handicap match!

Original Air Date: Feburary 2004

What to Watch for:  Before he was the “Big Rig” Brodie Lee, and after he was “Huber Boy 2″… WWE’s Luke Harper was known as “The Right Stuff” Brodie Lee.  Together with his tag partner, Freddie Midnight, they were known as “Big N Tasty”.  The match against Hellcat and Spazz, takes place at the wrestling school, Kayfabe Dojo, where Brodie was a student, and Hellcat (along with ‘Sik’ Rik Matrix) were the teachers.

Ep. 3. 29 – “Lost in Batavia”raw_nattie

Official Description: The guys get Lost in Batavia and look for stuff to do (Ricky Williams found stuff to do while in Batavia, right?), and One-ON-One interviews with Christopher Daniels, Nattie Neidhart, Harry Smith, Cody Steele and Derek Wylde from the Ballpark Brawl. Starring Scotty Bender & Ivan the Impaler.

Original Air Date: August 2005

What to Watch for:  A show loaded with interviews, including the still-kinda-new to the business, Natalya (Nattie Neidhart).  It was one of her first matches in the United States, and Nattie handled the interview like a pro.  She traveled to the event with TJ Wilson (her now husband, WWE’s Tyson Kidd) and her cousin, Harry Smith (son of the British Bulldog, Davey Boy Smith).  And, in case anyone is curious about Ricky Williams’ baseball career… https://www.baseball-reference.com/bullpen/Ricky_Williams RickyWilliams

Ep. 3. 28 – “At the Ballpark”Colt-vs-Brodie

Official Description: Wrestlevision goes to the Ballpark, and our Main Event is Classic Colt Cabana going against Brodie Lee, ie WWE’s Luke Harper – plus, the Natural Born Blondes implode in 3-way action as Eric Everlast, Steve Kruz and Jason Atlas collide! And, Kevin Grace takes on The Bull of Black Mountain, Gabe Saint. Hosted by Scotty Bender & Ivan the Impaler

Original Air Date: August 2005

What to Watch for:  A brief tour around Frontier Field, home of the Triple-A Rochester Red Wings, provides Ivan the Impaler opportunity to do some baseball schtick – which is a nice corollary to the comedic work on display in the ring, when Colt Cabana takes on Brodie Lee.  Never one to take himself to seriously, don’t underestimate the technique and skill of the former Scotty Goldman.  At ringside for the match, Brodie’s “Bruise Crew” partners, Colin Delaney and Jimmy Olsen. A dozen years later, Brodie and Colin met up in the WWE on an episode of Smackdown.

Ep. 4. 17-18 – “WV in Hollywood”BUffb

Official Description: A Special 2-Part Spring Break episode finds the Wrestlevision crew in Hollywood, getting into all manner of trouble! With Buff Bagwell in action vs Kage, and Buff goes One-ON-One with Ivan the Impaler! Plus, Petey Williams meets Kevin Dunn from the Ring Crew Express, and Bison Bravado takes on Havok!

Original Air Date: May 2006

What to Watch for:  A road trip with many highlights, but the real lesson of the episode is… Buff is the Stuff.  Bagwell’s match from Roc City Wrestling and subsequent One-on-One with Ivan the Impaler, should be preserved for all-time, so future wrestling historians (of which there will be many), can one day look back at Buff, and finally understand the Buff-ness of it all.  Polaroids were $10, autographs were $20, but seeing Buff re-define “Wrestling”?  Priceless…


In addition to the Original Ten episodes available to stream, there’s some bonus materials to view:

Indy Fed Rescue Trailer


Dan Murphy, Senior Writer for Pro Wrestling Illustrated, with Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat.

Official Description: Trailer for Indy Fed Rescue starring Dan Murphy, author and Senior Writer for Pro Wrestling Illustrated. Can Irish Dan take indy wrestling from shindy to Super Indy – (Parody)

Original Air Date: July 2014

What to Watch for:  Have you seen the show “Bar Rescue”?  Same idea here (it’s called a ‘parody’, not ‘stealing’, thank you very much).  Murph, with his years of wrestling (writing) experience, sets out to do what only he can – improve Indy wrestling.  Thanks to Upstate Pro Wrestling for playing along, especially Hellcat and Ron Falco.

Johnny Gargano vs Colin Delaney


Official Description: Before becoming NXT Champion, Johnny Gargano was an Indy superstar – and here he faces former WWE/ECW Star Colin Delaney, from NWA Upstate NY – part of Wrestlevision Presents: NWA NY No Limits TV

Original Air Date: June 2011

What to Watch for:  Gargano was the rising star, making a name for himself.  Delaney had a year-plus run with WWE as part of the revamped ECW.  Now, back in his hometown, and looking to get back in the spotlight, Delaney has something to prove.

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