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Numbers that scare the NFL

August 1, 2020 These are the numbers that scare the hell out of the NFL today. 3-11-17. Those are the numbers of Miami Marlin baseball players who tested positive for Coronavirus over just two days. Going from 3. To 11. To 17. The team was shut down and the schedules of four other baseball teams ...

2020 NASCAR Preview: Week 20 – New Hampshire

A short one today at the Magic Mile!

A Canned Crowd

Jimmy Fallon was on the other night. He's back in the studio playing to an audience of his band members. And he wasn't funny. I like Jimmy Fallon. But the pauses for laughter that produce only a few self-serving chuckles don't work. I don't like canned laughter either. If you're in another room and only ...

2020 NASCAR Preview: Week 19 – Kansas

We're racing under the lights..on a Thursday Night?

The Top 20 Baseball Movies of the last 40 years

One of our sister sites, - has posted the Top 20 baseball movies of the last 40 years.  Check it out!

This Needs to Work

July 18, 2020 We are used to the playbook of sports in 2020. Empty arenas. Shortened seasons. Duct taped playoff systems. Bubbles. Hub locations. Crown a champion however you can. Try to make back a few of the millions of dollars you've lost. Lose less. But what if doesn't work. What if the virus gets ...

2020 NASCAR Preview: Week 18 – Texas

The sun is high, the time is nigh *clapclapclapclap* Deep in the Heart of Texas!

On Being Offensive…

July 11, 2020 Back in the good old days I went to summer camp. Camp Thayer in Braintree, Mass. The good old days. Before people were offended by nearly everything it seems. Anyway, our age groups at the camp were named by Native American tribes. The Sachem… Blackfoot… Comanche… Hopi… Iroquois. You get the idea. ...

2020 NASCAR Preview: Week 17 – Kentucky

All kinds of horsepower in Kentucky today..

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