2020 NASCAR Preview: Week 35 – Martinsville

Last chance at The 'Clip!

The COVID Games

October 17, 2020 On the subject of some of those changes forced on us by the pandemic.  Things that might be nice to keep.  I'm a baseball guy.  There are three things from the Covid Games I really like.  None of which stand a chance of being kept.I loved the shortened season.  60 games.  Every game ...

2020 NASCAR Preview: Week 34 – Texas

Are you ready for the AutoTrader EchoPark Automotive 500?

2020 NASCAR Preview: Week 33 – Kansas

400 miles to secure entry to the Championship 4!

2020 NASCAR Preview: Week 32 – Charlotte Roval

The Round of 12 culminates today!

Living Attendance

October 3, 2020 Things we never thought we'd see.  The Preakness Stakes was Saturday.  It's usually run in May.  Same for the Kentucky Derby, which was held in September.  The US Open tennis and golf tournaments took place in back to back weeks.  The summer Olympic games are scheduled to take place in an odd ...

The Falcon Kickoff Rule

September 26, 2020 I let little things get to me.  Like having to cut the label off the flavored coffee cream container in order to get it recycled.  I am totally convinced that I will stab myself in the wrist with a steak knife doing that someday.  Another is trying to make the on-side kick ...

2020 NASCAR Preview: Week 30 – Las Vegas

The Round of 12 opens with Lady Luck!

Misery Loves Hope More

September 19, 2020 So how was your summer vacation? In the interests of misery loves company, I had elective surgery. A full knee replacement. And I learned that misery doesn't need company as much as it needs hope. Remember at the beginning of all of this there was so much skepticism over how sports would ...

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