2020 NASCAR Preview: Week 27 – Darlington

Race 1 of the Round of 16 starts in Throwback Darlington!

2020 NASCAR Preview: Week 26 – Daytona

The Playoffs are set tonight -- at Daytona -- under the lights!

2020 NASCAR Preview: Weeks 24 & 25 – Dover

Doubleheader at the Monster Mile!

Another Unwritten Rule

We have these unwritten rules in baseball.  Unwritten because they aren't clearly defined.  Don't slide too hard into my second baseman.  Don't take too long rounding the bases.  Don't bang on a trash can when you know what pitch is coming.  Those are just some of them. So where does threatening my health fall?  Where ...

2020 NASCAR Preview: Week 23 – Daytona Road Course

Turning right at Daytona..


August 8, 2020 Does anyone remember the Chicago Fire; the Philadelphia Bell or my personal all-time favorite; the Shreveport Steamer?   Those were three of the erstwhile franchises in the World Football League which operated in 1974 and half of 1975.  They played a 20-game schedule running from July through November.  Old Miami Dolphins fans hate ...

Yankees – Mets: A Tale of Two Teams

Latest "Falkin' Around" with Carl Falk also talks Buffalo Bills Camp, Josh Allen, Antonio Brown and more... Yankees Riding High, Mets flounder - Bills Camp notes plus where will AB go next? https://twitter.com/RocSportsNOW/status/1290700226030903297?s=20 https://www.buzzsprout.com/925441 Join Carl Falk for 'Falkin' Around', as Carl begins this week talking baseball, and the New York Yankees (01:53 - 13:55). ...

Numbers that scare the NFL

August 1, 2020 These are the numbers that scare the hell out of the NFL today. 3-11-17. Those are the numbers of Miami Marlin baseball players who tested positive for Coronavirus over just two days. Going from 3. To 11. To 17. The team was shut down and the schedules of four other baseball teams ...

2020 NASCAR Preview: Week 20 – New Hampshire

A short one today at the Magic Mile!

A Canned Crowd

Jimmy Fallon was on the other night. He's back in the studio playing to an audience of his band members. And he wasn't funny. I like Jimmy Fallon. But the pauses for laughter that produce only a few self-serving chuckles don't work. I don't like canned laughter either. If you're in another room and only ...

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