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Replacing What We’ve Lost

January 1, 2022 It came in a simply worded email a couple of weeks ago.  The Danielle Downey Golf Classic will not return in 2022.  Named in honor of one of Rochester's golf heroes, the Downey Classic had a successful seven-year run at Brook Lea.  The organizing committee chairman noted that, "We are somewhat saddened ...

Remembering Danielle…

July 17, 2021 Rochester doesn't have a lot to call its own in a sports sense.  If you live here, chances are you are a fan of the Buffalo Bills and Syracuse basketball.  An hour either side of us.  But we do take pride in our people.  It's what we do best. Danielle Downey was a ...

Pete Gets Caught in the Middle

July 10, 2021 Fairport's own Pete DuPré is a 98-year-old veteran of World War II.  He worked in a hospital treating those injured in the Battle of the Bulge.  Essentially the last stand for Hitler in 1945.  DuPré graduated from Edison Tech in 1942.  Likes Johann Strauss waltzes.  Lives by the words, "Don't let the ...

Paying respects to Brodie Lee

Remembering the pro wrestler, and Rochester native...

Over the Rainbow

November 28, 2020 Rochester's own Don Potter sings the best version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow.  It's used at the Rochester Press and Radio Club's Day of Champions, the background to a collage of sports personalities who passed the year before.  A time-honored tradition.  As it was when Master of Ceremonies Jerry Flynn would always ...

Beth Phoenix Challenges for the WWE Women’s Tag Titles at Wrestlemania

Beth Phoenix, the Elmira, NY native and WWE Hall of Famer, returns to the ring this Sunday

Luke Harper Makes Return to Ring in #ROC

The Rochester native returned to the ring after a 6-month absence in front of a packed Blue Cross Arena

Rochester Native Joanie “Chyna” Laurer named to WWE Hall of Fame

Rochester's Chyna to be an inductee in this year's WWE Hall of Fame class

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