Paying respects to Brodie Lee

Remembering the pro wrestler, and Rochester native…

January 6, 2021

He played hockey and lacrosse at McQuaid.  He worked as a substitute teacher and librarian for the City School District.  A seemingly ordinary Rochester life – but on the weekends, Jon Huber entered the square circle, performing as a professional wrestler, known as Brodie Lee

Jon Huber, standing, with Art Bailey and Shawn Zimmerman, circa 2002 – courtesy Arthur Bailey

Huber’s career began, like many do, with his cousin and friends in the backyard.  Soon, he was performing in front of crowds of paying customers.  Eventually, he traveled to work in Philadelphia, Toronto, Michigan… then overseas to Japan and Italy.  Jon’s life changed forever when World Wrestling Entertainment signed him to a contract in 2012.  The WWE, the billion-dollar global company, re-christened Jon as ‘Luke Harper’, a member of the dreaded Wyatt Family. 

Jon Huber, as Brodie Lee, locked in a crossface by “Kid Justice” at a Pier 6 Wrestling show in Rochester in 2009. Photo by Nikki Tweed

 Jon was featured on posters, t-shirts and even had action figures.  He was living the dream – but along the way, his dream had changed.  Married with 2 young boys, Jon’s main goal was to be the best father he could be.  Jon passed away on December 26 at the age of 41 after a short illness.  Across the world, fans and fellow performers praised and remembered Jon.  A great athlete, A tremendous performer – and, most common among all tributes, a great father.

Jon Huber, right, with Ed Delaney and Buff Bagwell, backstage at a Roc City Wrestling Show in 2007 in Spencerport, NY

I wrote the words, but Bill Pucko makes them real… please watch the video below.

An exclusive Unfinished Business from Bill Pucko for Roc Sports Now
Jon with his wife, Amanda

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