A Less Perfect Union

December 27, 2020

A friend calls to ask what I think of the Flower City Union?  I worked for a union in my days at Channel 10.  Did some good for the American worker.  So yeah, I’m for it.

Turns out it isn’t a union at all.  It’s not a credit union either.  Nor a florist.  Flower City Union is our new soccer team.  
The Union announced its name in a Zoom call on Friday night.  No one pays attention to anything on Friday night.  Frankly there isn’t that much to know.
The Union has a working agreement with St. John Fisher College and not much else.  No players.  No management team; place to play or league to play in.  They are part of NISA.  The National Independent Soccer Association.
Its mission statement is to bring professional soccer to every city in America.  Without rules, franchise fees or really any structure at all.  A plan for a relegation system failed when the top tiered league in the proposal folded.  And of course, it was formed into the teeth of the pandemic.
So, what are we to make of all this?  We get told, “If you don’t love soccer then you don’t understand it.”  Which is like saying, “If you don’t win an election it’s only because it was fixed.”  That didn’t fly either.

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