Bill Pucko’s Book Now Available

Just Passing Through

Just Passing Through: Life Lessons from Notable Rochesterians – Hear the stories of over two dozen accomplished men and women, with roots in the Flower City. From Don Alhart to Brother Wease, from Rich Funke to Officer Denny Wright, from Maggie Brooks to Stacey Pengsen – these stories highlight the keys to their success, and their advice on how they made it. From Author Bill Pucko, a broadcaster with 4 decades on the air in Rochester, his adopted hometown – Just Passing Through is what he believed he was doing when he arrived in 1980.

Just Passing Through – Life Lessons from Notable Rochestarians by Bill Pucko

Rating: 5 out of 5.

A great read! By telling the stories of some of Rochester’s most-well known people, you get a real look at what drives success, and how we are all not so different after all.

— Joe Bradt

  1. Bill, have you included yourself in the book ? I’d be very interested in knowing about your Rochester escapades ! Gary



    1. Bill does offer some insight on his own journey as well!



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