Over the Rainbow

November 28, 2020

Rochester’s own Don Potter sings the best version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow.  It’s used at the Rochester Press and Radio Club’s Day of Champions, the background to a collage of sports personalities who passed the year before.  A time-honored tradition.  As it was when Master of Ceremonies Jerry Flynn would always remark he was glad to see he hadn’t made the list.  Until he did.

As sportscasters and sports writers, we live vicariously through the people we cover.  Fans do it to.  We just do it better.  More articulately.  We die vicariously through them too.  Consider 2020.  We lost the likes of Gale Sayers.  Paul Hornung.  Lou Brock.  Al Kaline.  Whitey Ford.  Bob Gibson.  Wes Unseld.  Jerry Sloan.  Tom Heinsohn, who as a Boston Celtic player, coach and broadcaster, had a hand in all 17 of the team’s NBA championships.  Think about that.  Our beloved Johnny Antonelli.  Tom Seaver.  Kobe Bryant.
By almost every measure, 2020 has been a year to forget.  Be thankful it’s almost over.

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