2022 NASCAR Preview: Week 11 – Dover

400 Miles with the Monster...

2022 NASCAR Preview: Week 10 – Talladega

Like uncaged animals, the Cup Series drivers are released from short tracks and onto high banks! Let 'em eat!

2022 NASCAR Preview: Week 9 – Bristol Dirt Race

Don't be a dirty dog -- tune in tonight!

On Leaving Town

April 9, 2022 "People leave Rochester.  But Rochester doesn't leave them."   You may remember Nate Rowan as a frequent guest of the Rochester Press Box.  He was the media relations director with the Red Wings.  PR guys are generally horrible guests.  They're cautious to the point of being afraid to offend someone.  That doesn't work ...

2022 NASCAR Preview: Week 8 – Martinsville

75 Years of Martinsville, and tonight we're doing 400 laps under the lights.

2022 NASCAR Preview: Week 7 – Richmond

Richmond: we're here!

Remembering the Professor

March 26, 2022 He was one of a kind.  Almost meek looking, he was dubbed the Professor somewhere along the line.  John Clayton grew up in a single parent household in Pittsburgh.  His mother took him to his first Steelers football game at age six.  He was too small to play the sport.  'Look at ...

2022 NASCAR Preview: Week 6 – Circuit of the Americas

It's time to go road course racin' in Texas! Rights and Lefts are right around the corner!

Home of Champions

March 19, 2022 https://youtu.be/Yewe2nP-Sdc Town mottos.  Webster is of course, "Where Life is Worth Living."  Penfield is the less inspiring "Town of Planned Progress."  "Discover the Promise" of Greece.  Irondequoit is the "Town for a Lifetime."  East Rochester is the "Home of Champions."   Now there's a tough title to live up to. It was a ...

2022 NASCAR Preview: Week 5 – Atlanta

Brand new racing surface, and looking a lot like Talladega out there!

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