2022 NASCAR Preview: Week 6 – Circuit of the Americas

It's time to go road course racin' in Texas! Rights and Lefts are right around the corner!

Home of Champions

March 19, 2022 https://youtu.be/Yewe2nP-Sdc Town mottos.  Webster is of course, "Where Life is Worth Living."  Penfield is the less inspiring "Town of Planned Progress."  "Discover the Promise" of Greece.  Irondequoit is the "Town for a Lifetime."  East Rochester is the "Home of Champions."   Now there's a tough title to live up to. It was a ...

2022 NASCAR Preview: Week 5 – Atlanta

Brand new racing surface, and looking a lot like Talladega out there!

2022 NASCAR Preview: Week 4 – Phoenix

West Coast Swing wraps up today with a Season Finale preview!

2022 NASCAR Preview: Week 3 – Las Vegas

With whom does Lady Luck right with today?

2022 NASCAR Preview: Week 2 – California

NASCAR Goes West, back to California!

2022 NASCAR Preview: Week 1 – DAYTONA 500

The green flag is about to fall on a brand new NASCAR season!

On Being Iconic

January 8, 2022 John Madden reportedly watched the Christmas Day documentary on his life, at home with family.  Enjoyed it, and appreciated that so many people thought so highly of him.  The Hall of Fame football coach, color commentator and video game headliner died three days later.  Epilogs came fast, furious and universally glowing about ...

Replacing What We’ve Lost

January 1, 2022 It came in a simply worded email a couple of weeks ago.  The Danielle Downey Golf Classic will not return in 2022.  Named in honor of one of Rochester's golf heroes, the Downey Classic had a successful seven-year run at Brook Lea.  The organizing committee chairman noted that, "We are somewhat saddened ...

Thanks for Nothing

December 25, 2021 Depending on what survey you use, the Buffalo Bills average ticket price still ranks in the bottom five of the NFL.  Club level season seats go for around 25 hundred dollars each.  People I know who have them... love them.  And the numerous perks associated with them. Season tickets for the New ...

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