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Apologies to Sockalexis

December 19, 2020 My regards to NBC's Erik Ortiz for filling in the details here.Louis Sockalexis was a baseball player for the Cleveland Spiders of the National League in the late 1890s.  He had a spectacular but short, three-year career.  He was also a Penobscot Indian.  And as such is often credited with being the ...

Another Unwritten Rule

We have these unwritten rules in baseball.  Unwritten because they aren't clearly defined.  Don't slide too hard into my second baseman.  Don't take too long rounding the bases.  Don't bang on a trash can when you know what pitch is coming.  Those are just some of them. So where does threatening my health fall?  Where ...

Sports Beat Insider – Mar. 2, 2019

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