Misery Loves Hope More

September 19, 2020

So how was your summer vacation?

In the interests of misery loves company, I had elective surgery. A full knee replacement. And I learned that misery doesn’t need company as much as it needs hope.

Remember at the beginning of all of this there was so much skepticism over how sports would deal with the coronavirus. “Oh, that’ll never work,” we said. But consider that the NBA Bubble and the NHL Hub Cities have gone off virtually without a hitch.

In baseball, with the exception of a couple of clowns in Cleveland, and some early hiccups in Miami and St. Louis, the players proved mature enough to make the honor system work. And the NFL survived without preseason games and produced a full slate of compelling Week One contests. College football? We’ll see.

We enjoyed the US Open Tennis Tournament last week, and the US Open Golf Tournament this week.

Sure, all of these events have been compromised – without a live crowd, and some notable opt outs. But sports these days is a TV Show first. An event second. And when you go back to the beginning and see how far we’ve come, without any real progress made against the virus, it is quite remarkable. Misery doesn’t need company. It needs hope. And sports provided plenty of that.

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