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When a No-Hitter isn’t…

May 1, 2021 So, Madison Bumgarner's 7-inning no-hitter doesn't officially count.  The definition is murky and this isn't the first-time baseball has been trapped by its own vernacular. In 1964 Ken Johnson of the Houston Colt 45s pitched a 9-inning complete game no-hitter against Cincinnati.  But lost the game 1-0 on an unearned run in ...

The COVID Games

October 17, 2020 On the subject of some of those changes forced on us by the pandemic.  Things that might be nice to keep.  I'm a baseball guy.  There are three things from the Covid Games I really like.  None of which stand a chance of being kept.I loved the shortened season.  60 games.  Every game ...

Another Unwritten Rule

We have these unwritten rules in baseball.  Unwritten because they aren't clearly defined.  Don't slide too hard into my second baseman.  Don't take too long rounding the bases.  Don't bang on a trash can when you know what pitch is coming.  Those are just some of them. So where does threatening my health fall?  Where ...

A Canned Crowd

Jimmy Fallon was on the other night. He's back in the studio playing to an audience of his band members. And he wasn't funny. I like Jimmy Fallon. But the pauses for laughter that produce only a few self-serving chuckles don't work. I don't like canned laughter either. If you're in another room and only ...

This Needs to Work

July 18, 2020 We are used to the playbook of sports in 2020. Empty arenas. Shortened seasons. Duct taped playoff systems. Bubbles. Hub locations. Crown a champion however you can. Try to make back a few of the millions of dollars you've lost. Lose less. But what if doesn't work. What if the virus gets ...

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