2021 NASCAR Preview: Week 9 – Richmond

Action Track on tap!

The boys got back to pavement last week, Martin Truex Jr. becoming the first driver to win twice this season. More good news for the Mayetta, NJ native: we’re back at Richmond (after skipping last year due to COVID), and he’s won two of the last three. Nothing is guaranteed however, who do we watch out for today?

Here’s what to look for:

-Sure, let’s talk more about Martin Truex Jr. There was a time when he couldn’t win a short track race, but those things have been falling like crazy recently. We took off the 2020 Spring race, but Truex actually won the most recent Spring tilt back in 2019. Then he went on and won the 2019 Fall race, too. And last year for the 2020 Fall race? A very disappointing 2nd place finish. He starts 1st today, too, watch out for this one.

Brad Keselowski was the only winner of a 2020 Richmond race; we just talked about Truex finishing 2nd and it seemed like maybe he had a chance to take the checkers, but he didn’t even lead a lap. Keselowski on the other hand? 192 of 400 out front. Wow! A dominating performance for the #2.

-There was a time not too long ago — right before the last three races, actually — where Kyle Busch went back-to-back in Richmond. He’s moved aside for teammate Truex and Keselowski in 2020, but he always seems to be hovering around the lead at this race. Don’t be surprised if he finds his way to the top and spends some time there today, too. Over the last ten races, he’s got those two Wins, nine Top 10s, and the best average finish among among active drivers in that span (5.6).

Joey Logano carries our next best average over the last ten races (5.8), with eight Top 10s of his own. He won the 2017 Spring race here, but hasn’t returned to Victory Lane. Any time your average is around 5.-something, you know you’re in good shape.

-Chesterfield, VA’s Denny Hamlin is 3rd best in terms of average (6.0), and this is basically his home track. He won from Pole in the 2016 Fall race, but hasn’t claimed a trophy since. Driving with a heavy heart today for FedEx employees today, he’ll roll off 2nd.

We’re in Virginia again and piling some more seafood on:

Seafood Chowder (Photo: Lisa Kuhmann)

Lisa has whipped up a Seafood Chowder here, inspired by Palmer’s Seafood here in Rochester. Don’t get me wrong, she made this from scratch in the kitchen. Scallops, shrimp, clams, and cod have all joined the party, and it smells wunderbar in there. This thing is so chunky we’re bordering on stew territory here. Looking forward to a nosh once the race starts, had a taste already and it is well on its way. Good stuff, Leese!

Coverage of the race starts on FOX at 3pm, green flag scheduled for 3:15pm. 

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