Remembering Matt Trabs…

Matt Trabold died a young man last week.  I first came to know Matt when he was a guest on John DiTullio’s radio show.  A true savant when the subject was basketball.  The City of Basketball Love… a website he helped operate.

Trabold was what we used to call a television camera man.  Sports Videographer is a better term.  I’ve worked with guys like Matt all my life.  Eric Johnson at Channel 10.  Bob Gosney at YNN.  Guys who were totally in their element.  Comfortable with their place in the in the local sports tapestry.  A couple of the best people I know.  Trabold was one of them.  His mere presence at a game gave the event an element of importance.

The athletes all knew him.  The cluster of moms who faithfully followed their sons and daughters to the fields and courts of Monroe County generally thought of Matt as one of their own.  They’d regard him as a friend even if they didn’t know his name.

Trabold’s expertise… personality and manner transferred well to the other side of the camera as well.  He was a frequent contributor to The Press Box and a regular on the High School Sports Beat.  The big man in the shorts and an omnipresent smile.  The local sports tapestry won’t ever again look quite the same.

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