Ambush Marketing

It’s called ambush marketing.  The streaker with Duffy’s name tattooed on his chest hoping to get some free publicity. 

Wayne Player has been banned from the Masters golf tournament for just such a stunt.  In a manner of speaking.
The son of golf legend Gary Player chose the tournament’s ceremonial first tee shot to overtly display a box of his chosen golf balls before the cameras for fun and profit. 

Wayne Player, seen holding a box of golf balls, in the form of illegal advertising, at The Masters

This was at the very least in bad taste.  Even for a guy who once spent what he called ‘five days of hell’ in a Georgia jail.  C’mon.  Don’t you have to know better?  You’re the son of a Hall of Famer.

Still… a lifetime ban seems a bit of a reach.  Even for the stuffed shirts who run golf’s most snooty and self-righteous event.  Invasive advertising is everywhere and there’s plenty worse going on out there.  But when you look at how low the bar has been moved and re-set over the last four years… you realize that maybe the Masters inadvertently stumbled on something.   

Isn’t it about time that we tried to raise the bar a smidge?  To say enough is enough?  Take a stand for decency and propriety?  Sure, maybe it is a bit hypocritical.  But maybe deciding that Wayne Player is no longer welcomed in Augusta is a step in the right direction.

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