Big Schmozz Podcast – March 6, 2020

The Big Schmozz Podcast looks at AEW Dynamite at 6 months in, and previews the WWE Elimination Chamber PPV.

Wrestling FANS!  Wrestlevision is back, in convenient podcast form!  Catch the new episode of WV presents: The Big Schmozz on Youtube or on the Wrestlevision Roku Channel.

You can also listen to the podcast on Buzzsprout – and stayed tuned, as we will be adding more services to the podcast line-up soon, like Apple Podcasts.

The official episode synopsis:

Wrestlevision: The Big Schmozz – AEW Update plus Elimination Chamber preview! Join Scotty Bender, ‘Superstar’ Rob Schulz and The Big Guy as they look at All Elite Wrestling – it’s been 6 months since AEW Dynamite debuted on TNT – How have they done? And is it just us, or have they gotten really good?

Plus, we preview WWE’s Elimination Chamber Pay-per-view coming Sunday March 8.

Scotty Bender voices his opinion on the Houston Astros in his weekly segment “Hot Button With Bender” and the Superstar plays the game “Schulzie Explains it…”

Plus, hear the guys discuss Cody Rhode’s new tattoo….


Cody Rhodes got a new tattoo – say what? (Photo via SES Scoops, original source unknown)


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