New This Week – Wrestlevision on ROKU

Brand new Wrestlevision! Plus 2 Classics, added this week to the WV ROKU Channel

More Classic Content added to the Wrestlevision on ROKU Channel

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Added this week – August 18, 2019

Wrestlevision 3.0: Grapplers Anonymous – Ep. 8.02


Sebastian Braun cuts a promo on the greenscreen interview area at Grapplers Anonymous in Lackawanna, NY

Official Description: Wrestlevision’s Scotty Bender & Ivan the Impaler go behind the scenes at Grapplers Anonymous, a Pro Wrestling Training school near Buffalo, NY – with 2 big matches: AR Fox vs Kevin Blackwood, and Kevin Bennett vs Pepper Parks (TNA’s Braxton Sutter)

Original Air Date: August 17, 2019

What to Watch for:  Wrestlevision explores the inner workings of Graps Anon with trainers Brandon Thurston and Mikey Everynite. Featuring matches from Empire State Wrestling in Buffalo and workers associated with Grapplers Anonymous:  Kevin Blackwood takes on AR Fox (Lucha Underground) and a match that was a year in the making, ‘The Remix’ Kevin Bennett battles his mentor, ‘The Blade’ Pepper Parks – previously seen on IMPACT as Braxton Sutter.


Liberty Pole – Ep. 2.02


Official Description:  Wrestlevision’s 2nd episode features 3 big matches: Charisma vs Kevin Dunn in a Last Man Standing match, Kid Justice defends his title vs Mean Marcos, and a Ring of Honor matchup, Tony Mamaluke vs Jason Cross, with CM Punk on commentary

Original Air Date: January 2004

What to Watch for:  Filmed at the historic “Liberty Pole” in Downtown Rochester, NY – this 2nd episode of Wrestlevision 2.0 is focused on the wrestling, with two matches from Rochester Pro Wrestling (RPW, now known as Upstate Pro Wrestling).  CM Punk makes his presence known at the commentary table in a special match from Ring of Honor with Tony Mamaluke, who wrestled in WCW, ECW and WWE.

Wrestlevision 1.0 Reunion – Ep. 5.02 & 5.03


Official Description: A Special 2 Part Reunion of the Original Wrestlevision 1.0 Crew, with Scotty Bender, producer Rich Colosi and some other guy – with Mortis in action vs Mastiff, and a One-on-One interview with Johnny Devine – plus loads of flashbacks to the WV early days.

Original Air Date: January 2007

What to Watch for:  The boys are back together, for the last time(?) – original New Millenium Wrestling producer and Wrestlevision co-creator, Rich Colosi joins Scotty Bender for a fond look at the past – featuring clips from NMW and WV 1.0.  In the ring, Chris Kanyon, I mean… Mortis, makes an appearance in Rochester to battle Mastiff.  Then, catch up with TNA’s Johnny Devine – his story is pretty crazy, and tells the tale of how  injuries can derail a wrestler’s career.



Check back next week for the latest “Classic Content” to be added to the Wrestlevision Roku channel.

And – special announcement alert – the next new episode of Wrestlevision 3.0 airs Saturday August 24th at 2 am on WROC.  Tune in for ‘Wrestlers in Cars getting Drinks’



Colonel Johnny Kayfabe and Ivan the Impaler go for a spin on ‘Wrestlers in Cars getting Drinks’ – ie Wrestlevision 8.03

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