Sports Beat Insider – Jan. 18, 2020

Go Inside the Sports Beat with Marcus Whitman Boys Basketball and Nia Williams-Mathews of Aquinas

Welcome to this week’s breakdown of the High School Sports Beat, brought to you by Alfred State College.  Many thanks to Alfred State College for sponsoring the Sports Beat, and helping to bring weekly coverage of Section V High School Sports to broadcast on 13 WHAM.

Now, here’s your behind the scenes look at the production, from the producer and the shows many contributors. It’s Week 19 of the season, and we hope everyone is getting out and enjoying a great Section V season…

We begin this week at Marcus Whitman High School in Rushville, NY.  The town, named originally Federal Hollow when missionary Marcus Whitman was born there, has a population of under 700 people.  These aren’t relevant facts as it pertains to the boys basketball team – but we couldn’t help and read Wikipedia when looking up directions to the school.  Coach Greg O’Connor has the Wildcats prepared for a deep-season run – and the motivation to get back to the Class C1 Finals, and win it this time – is a motivation that drives the team, every day and every practice…

13 WHAM’s Matt Trabold joins us for the Dunkin High School Notebook.  Matt and Dave Yates talk some Section V basketball, and two boys team riding hot streaks – McQuaid and Eastridge – plus, a girls team to watch out for, the East Eagles.

Kyle O’Gara is up next with this week’s Making the Grade  segment, … and, as always, if you have a candidate for our Making the Grade segment, send us an email to or fill-in our contact form.  This week, we honor Canandaigua’s Lexi Taft.

The Section V Spotlight is up next, highlighting some Section V stars, including the Newark boys relay team, and the East boys basketball squad…

Our top story of the week takes us to Nazareth College, where the Golisano Training Center hosted it’s first Section V indoor track event.  The new house on campus is an impressive facility, with plenty of space for spectators and athletes.  Among the section V stars competing that day, was Aquinas jumper Nia Williams-Mathews.  Nia recently broke every horizontal jumping record in the books at Aquinas, thanks in part to leaving basketball behind in favor of indoor track this season.

And that’s a wrap on week 19 of Season 9!  Be sure to check out the full episode– and tune in Every Saturday night on 13 WHAM after the late news, and on Sundays at Noon.

Follow the High School Sports Beat on Twitter, and be sure to check back here each Monday for the latest Insider!

We leave you this week, with an Insider weekly feature – looking back at some of our stories from the past 8 years. From February 28, 2012 – a look at the dominant Rush Henrietta indoor track team.  Featuring Chauncey Scissum, Colby Burke, Alana McDonald, Ayanna Sanchez-Jones – plus, a brief look at Athena’s Brian Smith (recently featured on the Sports Beat in his role as Head Coach of the Uprep Track team).


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