Press Box Recap – Dec. 29, 2018

Catch a recap of the latest Press Box with Coach Jim Johnson, Mike Catalana and Pat Duffy

Welcome to your weekly recap of the Press Box – airing on weekends on the CW Rochester and on 13 WHAM ABC.

This Week, Coach Jim Johnson (Speaker/Author) joins host Bill Pucko and regular panelists Mike Catalana (13 WHAM Sports) and Pat Duffy (WCMF Breakroom).  Coach was the long-time Head Coach of Greece Athena Boys Basketball.  He may best be remembered for one particular game…

With Coach Johnson on the panel, we naturally begin talking coaches… Syracuse Football extended Dino Babers, and UB may potentially lose Nate Oats, like they lost Bobby Hurley before him.  What can be done at Cuse and Buffalo to keep quality coaches?  Is there a problem, or is that just what’s to be expected?

We’re saying good-bye to 2018 this week, so it’s a good time to put the 2018 Bills in perspective.  You might enjoy looking back at our Week 1 predictions for this team (I won’t mention that Bob Bleier predicted 10 wins and a great season from Nate Peterman.  That would be cruel to point out, and I just won’t have it!)… Or watch below for the debate over whether this season went as expected by Coach Sean McDermott, or if he was just making it up as he went along, as Pat believes.

For those following along, our NFL Picks contest is down to the wire… with 1 week to go, it’s all tied up.


Like it Or Not revolves around Georgia’s Justin Fields, and his challenge to the NCAA Transfer rule.  Pat makes a good point here about how coaches are free to go school to school while collecting millions of dollars, with no penalty or need to sit out a year.

Pat’s Unfinished Business brings us back to Syracuse, but this time in regards to the Basketball team.  Coach Jim Boeheim may be getting closer to retirement, and his one-time heir apparent Mike Hopkins is now Head Coach at Washington – who’s next in line now for Cuse?

Coach Jim Johnson comes to the defense of Sean McDermott… call it coaching courtesy.  He sees a game-plan in the way McDermott has played out the season, and it’s all part of “Clarifying his vision”.  That’s a new phrase to attach to the Bills, and maybe it will catch on, as I think we’re all kinda tired of “Trust the process”.

Mike Catalana wraps up the 2018 year with his Unfinished Business… and it’s a warning/plea to the Bills… “Don’t do it!”  And, what’s the ‘it’ you ask?  The ‘It’ in question is 6’6″, 265 pounds, and a Party Animal from Williamsville North High School near Orchard Park.  It’s Gronk… and don’t do it Buffalo.

That’s the show for this week.  Thanks to Coach Jim Johnson for joining us, and Happy New Year to all!

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Pat makes an attempt to clarify his vision, while Bill watches using his peripheral vision

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