2023 NASCAR Preview: Week 11 – Dover

Rain, rain, go away…

Rain allowed nothing but Practice this weekend, misting away Qualifying and completely washing out Sunday’s scheduled race. Preparations had been made to start the race earlier to avoid the precipitation — it did not work.

The Würth 400 has been rescheduled for Monday at Noon.

Here’s what to look for:

Kyle Busch is going to start out front for this one, his Talladega luck still paying dividends! Dover is a place where track position is oh-so-important, and starting out in front of everyone is exactly what you’d like to do if you could. Obviously, that is the case at every track, but even more so at Dover. Chances are if you start in the Top 10, you finish in the Top 10; Kyle’s average finish over the last ten races is 12.4. Let’s see what happens!

Chase Elliott was the winner of last year’s race, and he’s got two over the last ten! Chase is two races back from his injury just as teammate Alex Bowman heads to the DL with his own fractured vertebra. Elliott starts 10th on Monday.

-Chase’s other teammate — Kyle Larson — carries a 5.1 average finish over the last eight races. That is…mighty impressive. He’s got a Win here, too, but that was pre-Hendrick. Seems like Larson has been driving the #5 forever, but that obviously isn’t the case. Larson was 2nd fastest in Practice, but will launch from the 18th position.

Kevin Harvick is making his final Dover start today. It is one of his best tracks, too. Nine Top 10s over the last ten races, and an average finish of 6.1 in the same timeframe. He’s got two Wins in there as well, but things haven’t been going so well the past two years. Can Happy get one more in before hanging it up?

Ricky Stenhouse Jr. drove runner-up last year. Dover isn’t one of his best tracks, and he’s definitely not known for the high, concrete banks, but something was in the air that Sunday. And something is in the air this year. Stenhouse won the DAYTONA 500 to open the season, and there’s been…something different about him since then. Could he, perhaps, on a Monday, take his car to Victory Lane at Dover? Stenhouse will start 9th.

Even though the race was delayed, we still ate good tonight…

Goulash (Photo: Lisa Kuhmann)

Goulash! They like it in Delaware, apparently, and we liked it here tonight, too (AND last year with a different recipe). This will also be Monday night’s dinner as the pot that Leese made looked to feed about eight people. I could do without the onions or tomatoes, but they’re overt enough to avoid my fork. Nice job, Leese.

Coverage of the race starts on FS1 at 12:00pm on Monday, green flag scheduled for 12:10pm.

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