The Big Drum and other things…

Honestly now.  Before this week, did you know that Purdue claimed the world’s biggest bass drum?  Marching bands were and are still are a big deal in the Midwest.  So, the drum became Purdue’s thing.

The drum was commissioned back in 1921.  It was originally 7 feet 3 inches in diameter; 3 feet 9 inches wide.  It is manned by a crew of six who undergo a rigid training regimen.  To be on the drum crew is considered a high honor.  Purdue’s drum was challenged by Big Bertha at the University of Texas in 1961 to see which was actually larger.  Bertha failed to show for the official measurement.  Ever since then Purdue has held fast to the claim that its drum is the biggest.  Although its exact measurements are a closely held secret.  It was actually stolen once.  Kudos to the University of Indiana for that.

College football is full of such things.  Handsome Dan was the first live mascot.  A bulldog.  16 generations have represented Yale since 1899.
The Ramblin Wreck at Georgia Tech is real.  It’s a fully reconditioned 1930 Ford Model A sports coupe that leads the team onto the field.
At Hawaii, the Haka is the dance of choice.  It is learned and performed by the football players before each home game.

At Iowa the visitors’ locker room is annually painted pink.
There’s Howard’s Rock at Clemson.  Ralphie’s Run at Colorado.  The sousaphone player has been dotting the eye for the Ohio State band since 1937.
And there’s a jackass somewhere at Notre Dame who last week made the decision to keep the Purdue drum out.

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