A Hero in Disguise

December 12, 2020

Phil Hansen was a defensive end and one of the great Buffalo Bills – lost in that era when little went right.  He proudly wore the Buffalo uniform for eleven years.  My most vivid memory of Hansen is of him trudging around the track at St. John Fisher in training camp.  Running a very public penalty lap for jumping offsides in a scrimmage.  That was in 2001.  Phil’s last season.  Gregg Wiliams’ first as a head coach.

A. Messerschmidt/Getty Images

That was Gregg’s way of showing everyone who was in charge.  The Bills put WIlliams on the map with his first and only head coaching job.  But he has managed to stay in the spotlight ever since.  As the architect of Bounty-Gate, which earned him a year’s suspension.  And most recently as the freshly-fired defensive coordinator of the New York Jets.
Gregg called an all-out blitz on the last play of a game last Sunday against the Raiders.  With disastrous results.  Henry Ruggs caught for a 46-yard touchdown with five seconds left to win the game for Vegas.  
The call was universally panned and it cost Williams his job.  It was brilliant.  We’ll never know his motivation but the result virtually secured the future.  Keeping the Jets winless and a game behind the Jacksonville Jaguars as the clubhouse leader in the Trevor Lawrence Sweepstakes.
Someday the Jets will regard Williams as a hero.

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