2020 NASCAR Preview: Week 10 – Atlanta

Atlanta is the meat in a short track sandwich..

Bristol featured our first short-track affair of the season, an exciting finish with Joey Logano and Chase Elliott bouncing off each other from the lead and tumbling all the way down to 21st. Brad Keselowski inherited the lead with two to go and took it to the checkers. Today we’re off to Atlanta Motor Speedway, a track that is drastically different than the small confines of Thunder Valley.

Here’s what to look for:


Brad Keselowski is our one to watch here. He’s won two of the last three races, and the 2018 one where he fell short was a 2nd. Dude has been on absolute fire there lately, and coming off a Win the previous week is never a bad thing.


Kurt Busch is actually our best driver here in terms of average, 6.9 finish over the last ten races. Since missing the 2015 race, the worst he’s finished here was 8th. Last year he was 3rd.


-Hometown hero Chase Elliott has drawn the Pole, and he’ll start out front of everyone. This is a place that Bill Elliott, his father, made his stomping ground for years and years. Chase has yet to Win here, but carries a 10.5 average, 5th best among active drivers.


Aric Almirola will lineup alongside Elliott, and this is a race where he could really have a solid outing. He finished 8th here last year, the best of his eight total races.


Kevin Harvick is going to sneak into this bottom slot, I feel like he’s someone to look out for every single week. His last five attempts were all Top 9s, and he was the one who managed to overcome Keselowski for the 2018 trophy. Today Happy starts 9th.

Headed back down south to Atlanta, and today we’ve got:


Chicken and Waffles (Photo: Lisa Kuhmann)


Chicken and Waffles, Smithfield Cherrywood Bacon, and a glass of Coke (Photo: Lisa Kuhmann)

Chicken and waffles! Created in Harlem (or wherever, depending on who wants to take credit) but now a staple in Georgia. These things are good as heck; I first had them at the Genesee Brew House and a few places since, but never at home. My gal, Lisa, has tweaked the recipe and delivered yet again. YUM! She should get the award for making “Greatest NASCAR Food Every Week.”
Great job!

And I’ve also go on my *new* Gwaltney Hots pit crew shirt from Jefferino (pictured above) to accompany my Smithfield Cherrywood Bacon and a glass of Coca-Cola Classic. Thanks, Jeff!


Coverage of the race starts on FOX at 3:00pm, green flag scheduled for 3:25pm.

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