Press Box Recap – Jan. 5, 2019

Catch a recap of the Press Box, with guest-host Toby Motyka and panelists Kevin Oklobzija, Mike Catalana and Pat Duffy

Welcome to your weekly recap of the Press Box – airing on weekends on the CW Rochester and on 13 WHAM ABC.

This Week, Bill Pucko is on vacation, and Toby Motyka (13 WHAM Sports) fills-in as guest host with regular panelists Mike Catalana (13 WHAM Sports) and Pat Duffy (WCMF Breakroom).  Our 4th chair panelist is Kevin Oklobzija (Rochester Business Journal).  Kevin is a frequent guest, having last joined us December 1.

We kick off the show talking Buffalo Bills – and the feeling in the air… is that… optimism?  It seems, despite a 6 win season, that everyone is feeling good about Josh Allen, and the promise of tomorrow.

Kevin also writes columns for Pickin’ Splinters – where long-time readers of his award-winning hockey coverage, can find him covering the Amerks as well as RIT Hockey.  Kevin knows hockey, so he would be the perfect guest to ask about the current Buffalo Sabres.  Remember when they won 10 games in a row?  Where did that team go?

Like it or Not kicks off with the Antonio Brown fiasco… ‘Fiasco’ because of his leaving the Steelers on the last game of the season and then demanding a trade – and that’s before he was revealed as the 1st eliminated ‘Masked Singer’.

Lots of talk lately of expanding the College Football Playoffs to six, or even, eight teams.  With the games so far this year being kinda lop-sided, Toby asks if that’s still a good idea?

Thomas Bryant – formerly of Bishop Kearney (See the Sports Beat Insider flashback this week) – is stepping up his game for the Washington Wizards of late – Even Mike Catalana has got to like that, right?

Pat kicks of Unfinished Business this week with a look at the just-released promotions schedule for the Rochester Red Wings.  Attending a game at Frontier Field is always a great time, but that doesn’t stop Dan Mason and his staff from trying to top themselves every year.  Did we mention “Stanley” from ‘The Office’ was going to be at a game?

Kevin is next, and he has more to say about the Sabres.  The big question for Buffalo right now, is what to do with Jeff Skinner?  Yes, he’s having a great season – but he’s headed to free agency, and may be tough to sign – should he be traded?  Extended?  Ignored until the problem goes away, ie Nathan Peterman style? (That’s a joke.  Rule of three, had to be done.  I, in no uncertain terms, would never compare Skinner to Peterman.  Forget I even mentioned it.  Unless you thought it was funny.  Then, tell a friend and follow @rocsportsnow on twitter)

Mike wraps up Unfinished Business with a look at the recent head coach firings in the NFL.. Five of the seven dismissed coaches are African-American.  Is that a problem?  Is the ‘Rooney Rule’ working?  Will Hue Jackson coach Cincinnati next? (Yes, that’s where the ‘rule of three’ joke goes – but the Bengals might actual do it… Is it still a joke then?  Yes.  Hue Jackson will always be a joke.)

That’s the show for this week.  Thanks to Kevin for being with us, and we can’t wait for his return (not that I can speak for Duffy…)

Special thanks to Toby for filling in this week, he did a great job!  Bill will  be back next week, but all you Toby-maniacs can rest easy – Bill has a bunch of vacation time to use this year.  Something about working in TV for 40 years…

Here’s a link to this week’s full episode – check it out, and leave us a comment or follow @TheRocPressBox on twitter to send a comment.

Tune in to the Press Box every Sunday – we are now on the CW Rochester for the fall, same day- Sunday, and time- 10:30am, and check local listings for other airings.  You can always catch the latest episodes on the Classy Wolf Media youtube page, which you should definitely subscribe to.

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