Press Box Recap – Nov. 17, 2018

Catch a recap of the latest Press Box with Jenna Cottrell, Mike Catalana and Pat Duffy

Welcome to your weekly recap of the Press Box – airing on weekends on the CW Rochester and on 13 WHAM ABC.

This Week Jenna Cottrell (13 WHAM Sports) joins host Bill Pucko and regular panelists Mike Catalana (13 WHAM Sports) and Pat Duffy (WCMF Breakroom).  Jenna’s last appearance was on July 14 – her Wednesday’s have been pretty busy, covering the Buffalo Bills mainly – and with the Bills on bye this week, Jenna is back.

Football is the topic to begin the show, and Bill Pucko asks the question… “Why do we love football so much?”

Next on the show is a breakdown of the Bills big win over the Jets – the panel wonders, should we consider this the start of something?  Momentary high?  Prolonged run to the playoffs?

For Like it or Not – how about Carmelo Anthony?  Is he finished? Does he have something left? It’s been 3 days since we filmed, is Pat still laughing?

Our NFL Picks can be seen here… Here’s the standings so far, as Pucko is making his move to catch Pat.



Unfinished Business kicks off with Pat and the return of LeBron James to Cleveland – a monumental sports event?  Or just another game for the hapless Cavs and disappointing Lakers?

Jenna looks at the Bills QB situation… It’s been a problem the whole season.  In fact, it’s been an issue for a while.  Since Kelly, right?

Maybe the situation is a total loss.  Jenna even sees some stability, thanks to the addition of Matt Barkley.

Mike is also talking Bills QB’s, or more specifically, the one that just got let go.  Nathan Peterman.  Does he deserve to be the social media punching bag for Buffalo fans?

That’s the show for this week.  Thanks to Jenna for joining us.

Here’s a link to this week’s full episode – check it out, and leave us a comment or follow @TheRocPressBox on twitter to send a comment.

Tune in to the Press Box every Sunday – we are now on the CW Rochester for the fall, same day- Sunday, and time- 10:30am, and check local listings for other airings.  You can always catch the latest episodes on the Classy Wolf Media youtube page, which you should definitely subscribe to.


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