Press Box Insider – October 13, 2018

Go Inside the Press Box with Mike Catalana, Pat Duffy and Paul Gotham – talking Section V Sports, Bills, Boone & more!

The Press Box, presented by the Genesee Brew House, airing October 13/14, 2018.  Hosted by Bill Pucko, with guests Mike Catalana (13 WHAM SportsPat Duffy (WCMF Breakroom) and Paul Gotham, from Pickin’ Splinters and the Vision High School Sports Beat.

This week’s show starts with a discussion about High School Sports, a topic that the panel has a lot of experience with.  Even Pat … kinda

The show ran extra long this week, in large part because there’s just so much to say about the Bills this year.  Which team will show up this week?  The one that took it to the Vikings?  Or the one that laid down against the Packers?  Sal Maiorana referred to the team as “unsustainable” – meaning the way the offense has succeeded isn’t something that will continue to work.  You can’t fool every team with Josh Allen runs… Here’s the panel take on their “sustainability”…

As I mentioned, we ran long… which leads us to a “bonus” segment, ie “cut for time”.  We talked about the future for Nate Peterman.  This was before he returned in the game versus Houston… his “future” seems much clearer after that showing…

Here’s the standing for our NFL picks contest… Mike is on the board, while Pat and Bill are tied.


Next, in the Like it or Not segment… we talk Aaron Boone.  With the Yankees losing to Boston in the ALDS, a lot of critics are looking at the decision-making process and some questionable calls on the part of Boone.  Pat Duffy was totally against Boone’s hiring, which he is very quick to point out.  Here is the original episode discussion on Boone’s hiring…

And here’s what was said this week…

Unfinished Business begins with Pat, and the topic is hockey.  In a broader sense, it kind of falls into one of our favorite areas of sports, the “unwritten rules” portion.  It’s something that everyone knows or does, without it having to be written down.  In baseball, if your pitcher is throwing a no-hitter, not only does no one mention it, but everyone in the dugout avoids even being near the pitcher.  And in hockey, you put up banners to honor retired legends, stanley cup wins, and conference titles.  Nashville, Pat’s looking at you…

Paul Gotham’s Unfinished Business involves a recent Fansided article about Coach John Beilein.  In the article, it lists the top 10 players to have been coached by Beilein in his 41-year career, and at number 2 is East High basketball coach Darrell Barley.  But I should let Paul tell the story…

As a bonus, here is an appearance from Coach Barley on the Vision High School Sports Beat in February 2017, as a guest with Bill Pucko in the “Coaches Corner”.

Mike last week told us about the rush to judgement with the NFL’s rookie QB Class of 2018.  Everyone wants to hand out #GoldJackets after someone has a good game.  Mike has more to say on that this week, including a different analogy… involving “busts”.  (I know from that, this sounds like somehow Jameis Winston may be involved, but it’s actually referring to Hall of Fame busts.)

That’s the show for this week.  Thanks to Paul for joining us, and remember to read Pickin’ Splinters every day.

Here’s a link to this week’s full episode – check it out, and leave us a comment or follow @TheRocPressBox on twitter to send a comment.

Tune in to the Press Box every Sunday – we are now on the CW Rochester for the fall, same day- Sunday, and time- 10:30am, and check local listings for other airings.  You can always catch the latest episodes on the Classy Wolf Media youtube page, which you should definitely subscribe to.

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