Sports Beat Insider – October 6, 2018

Go Inside the Sports Beat with Marion Girls Soccer, and the 54th Annual McQuaid Invitational

Welcome to the another breakdown of the Vision High School Sports Beat, your behind the scenes look at the production, from the producer and the shows many contributors.  It’s week 5 of the Sports Beat season, and the weather is starting to reflect the time of year.

Weather was a distinct factor is our first story this week.  Chloe DeLyser – who not only set the Section V girls soccer scoring record, but is fast approaching the New York State Record – and her Marion soccer teammates, had an after-school practice in the rain.  Dave Yates and I were there, with umbrella in hand.


Marion Girls Soccer Coach Lori DeLyser talks to Dave Yates in the rain – September 26, 2018

From a production stand point, obviously, great care must be taken to protect the video equipment, when filming in the rain.  Umbrellas, rain covers, the works.  It’s not always pretty.  But that’s part of the story.  This is the ‘normal’ for upstate NY athletics.  You practice in the rain, in the wind… you can’t wait for a sunny day.

On to the story, as Chloe DeLyser is doing some amazing things this season, on a team that – as of our story – was 10 – 0 on the year, and had outscored their opponents 77 – 2.  Both those goals they allowed were in 1 game, so they had 9 shutouts.  Chloe is headed to Ohio State University for college, a well-deserved honor.

Next up is the Dunkin Donuts High School Notebook with Paul GothamPickin’ Splinters is Paul’s website, and reading it should be part of your daily routine.  This week on the show, we debuted some new features on the set.  You may find a similar pic on Paul’s instagram page…


The Section V Spotlight this week includes a couple of updates from College.  We use to do a weekly feature (Postcards from College) that kept our audience up to date with how some Section V alums were doing at College.  The beauty of the Spotlight segment, is we can still bring you updates, like this weeks about Brooke Falsion and Ardell Brown.

The Varsity Media top 5 football plays of the week are next… You can always follow Varsity Media on twitter to get highlights from Section V during the weekend.

Our top story for the week involved the 54th Annual McQuaid Invitational.  Remember the weather discussion from earlier?  Well, this time it was a pleasant surprise.  We’ve covered the McQuaid Invitational a few times over the years, and rain, wind and mud were the common theme.  Sunny and in the 70’s?  Who would have guessed?


As we’ve mentioned before in the Insider, one of the exciting things we hope to do with this column is offer up bonus material, and extended cuts.  This week’s episode timed out well, so there isn’t any director’s cuts to share… but there is bonus footage nonetheless.  And who doesn’t love ‘Food Trucks’?

Also, while filming – Jeff Baron, co-owner of Classy Wolf Media and a producer of the High School Sports Beat, stumbled onto a terrific pep talk from Pittsford Mendon’s Chris Compson – and here it is…

And that’s a wrap on week 5!  Be sure to check out the full episode– and tune in Every Saturday night on 13 WHAM after the late news, and on Sundays at Noon.

Follow the High School Sports Beat on Twitter, and be sure to check back here each Monday for the latest Insider!

We leave you this week, with an Insider weekly feature – looking back at some of our stories from the past 7 years.  From October 5, 2011 – our first time at the McQuaid Invitational.  (See earlier comments about rain/mud).  The then 47th Annual McQuaid Invt’l featured several Division 1 runners – Katie Lembo, who went on to Providence; Leila Mantilla, who ran for Columbia University; Nate Kozyra, who ran for Binghamton.  This was also of note, from a Sports Beat history perspective, from our 2nd episode ever.


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