Sports Beat Insider – September 22, 2018

Go Inside Week 3 of the Vision High School Sports Beat with Dave Yates

Welcome to the another breakdown of the Vision High School Sports Beat, your behind the scenes look at the production, from the producer and the shows many contributors.  It’s week 3 of the season, and this week we take a special look at City Football in Section V.

We begin the episode with a look at the Monroe Red Jackets.  Monroe was about to play their first home game for Football since 1988.  That’s a long time to be without a proper home.  Now, after a $1.2 billion dollar renovation project, Monroe may very well be the envy of the section.  We were lucky enough to get a tour of the school, the new gymnasium and locker rooms, as well as the new football stadium.  We were also there for their home debut, against the East Eagles.  Here’s Paul Gotham with our story on the Red Jackets New Look…

The above story is the “director’s cut” version… due to time constraints, the story as it aired in the episode was too long, and needed to be trimmed.  Being able to present the full version is one of the benefits of the Sports Beat Insider.  Another, is being able to offer bonus materials, like this extended tour video – where Monroe Basketball Coach Matt McCormick takes Paul Gotham around the facility…

Next up on the show is the Dunkin Donuts High School Notebook.  Paul joins Dave Yates to discuss some of the news from the last week.  The amazing run of the Spencerport Girls Soccer team is one of the topics, along with the “Road Warriors” of Aquinas Football, and the somewhat surprising performance of the McQuaid Boys soccer team, after losing so many Seniors from last year’s squad.

Kim Berntson joins us for the Making the Grade honoree… this week it’s Ryan Fishback from Geneva.  Ryan is a stand-out Tennis player, who won the Section V class B championship, and played for the state final last year, while maintaining an excellent academic record.

Dave has the McArdle’s Section V Spotlight next.  One of the events mentioned is the 12th Annual MCC 5K walk/run for Scholarships… and it’s  mentioned that individual teams are raising money, including for the Owen Schwartz memorial scholarship.  Owen was a Churchville-chili student, and a participant in Unified Sports.  Owen passed away last March.

Here’s more info, if you’d like to contribute to Owen’s Red Racers.

And now, here are the Varsity Media Top 5 Football Plays of the Week.  Thanks again to our friends at Varsity Media – be sure to follow them on Twitter for highlights!

The East Eagles, seen earlier against Monroe, are profiled next.  Tariq Spence, of WDKX Radio, got the opportunity to hang out with the team at a practice.  The Eagles hot start to the season, combined with the addition of 2021 Oregon Ducks commit, Seven McGee, have made them a team to watch.  Add in the somewhat unusual “Co-Head Coaches” strategy, and you can see there’s a lot going on at East.

This is also a “director’s cut”… did I mention the show was running long this week?  Anyway, Bonus footage for the Insider!

This was Tariq’s first appearance of the new season.  He began contributing to the High School Sports Beat last season, and has appeared frequently on The Press Box for the last several years.  I’ve known Tariq since 2003, and am glad to have him a part of the show.

And that’s a wrap on week 3!  Be sure to check out the full episode– and tune in Every Saturday night on 13 WHAM after the late news, and on Sundays at Noon.

Follow the High School Sports Beat on Twitter, and be sure to check back here each Monday for the latest Insider!

We leave you this week, with an Insider weekly feature – looking back at some of our stories from the past 7 years.  From November 23, 2011  – a look at the 2011 Section V Class A Boys Soccer champions, the Brighton Barons.  We were with the team on a cold November day as they practiced for the State Tournament final.  See Rochester Lancer William Banahene in the goal, and hear from Alban Zohn – who played college soccer at Hartwick and RIT, and is currently going for his doctorate in Psychology at Occidental College in LA.


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