Knighthawks in Rochester for 2019 season, at least

Also: As Expansion Draft looms, protected player list established.

With a good deal of worry about the team shipping out, an official statement has been issued: “We know there has been some speculation about the future of the Knighthawks.  We want to assure our fans that the team will be playing in Rochester next season.”  They’re keeping mum on 2020 so far, but want to bring the Cup back to town.


Official team statement (@RocKnighthawks)

Unfortunately for some K-Hawks, the 2018 Expansion Draft will pluck two of them from the Flower City.  The Philadelphia Wings and San Diego Seals will be entering the league later this year, and they’ll be picking from each team in the league via teleconference on July 16th.  The Wings take first crack here, while the Seals opted first in the NLL Entry Draft.


Readying for the 2018 Expansion Draft.. (

Some familiar names up and down the list.  Obvious picks like the stalwart Matt Vinc, and Joe Resetarits, the top-scorer and only American on the squad, are protected.  Cody Jamieson, Kyle Jackson, and Austin Shanks are also safe, 2nd through 4th respectively for points.  But then you’ve got Cory Vitarelli (45 points) and Josh Currier (31 points) — 5th and 7th last season — unprotected.  I’m not a GM, but Josh Currier’s name came up a lot recently in the playoffs and could be someone to watch.  Team Captain Sid Smith is also unprotected, so you’ve got a real mixed bag here.  You can read up more on the Expansion Draft over on

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