U.S. men’s hockey team frozen out of medal round

It took 70 minutes and more to determine the winner of the first quarterfinal game in the 2018 Olympic Hockey tournament.

The quarterfinal matchup with the Czech Republic came down to a shootout late Tuesday night.  Troy Terry was their best bet to score, even garnering attention from 2014 Sochi shootout hero T.J. Oshie.

Brian O’Neill looked to have the late go-ahead goal in the 3rd on a hot shot off the crossbar with 2:43 on the clock.  The game was knotted 2-2 after regulation and advanced to a full 4-on-4, 10-minute overtime period also which left the teams tied.  A shot by Bobby Sanguinetti got lost behind Czech goalie Pavel Francouz with 39 seconds left, but was recovered as hearts skipped a beat in unison.

With sudden death staved off for the moment, the teams exchanged shootout attempts.  The lone goal came off the stick of Czech Republic’s second offering, Petr Koukal.  Terry (shooting 4th) was stopped via kicksave.  While it appeared Rochester native (and Olympic team captain) Brian Gionta would take a crack he did not have an attempt.

For a full breakdown and play-by-play record, head on over to Sporting News for more.

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