Bills rumbling back to the postseason

It’s been 17 years and a whole ‘nother millennium since the Bills were in the playoffs.
They’re back.

The last time the Bills had a playoff game the Y2K bug had crippled computer servers across the world just a week prior.  Ok, it didn’t really happen as widespread and horrible as some had predicted (possibly due to preparation), but something much more sinister loomed just over the horizon for Bills fans.

A ‘miracle’ of sorts from one perspective (others call it a ‘forward lateral’) kicked off the longest running postseason drought in the four major sports in North America.  The Bills were the only team among those to have not been in the playoffs in a season that started this century.  That all ended today when Buffalo beat the Dolphins in Miami, and the Bengals closed out an unbelievable comeback win to down the Ravens.

Some key moments from the Buffalo game include the longest tenured Bill in Kyle Williams getting his first career touchdown out of the Fullback position, and LeSean McCoy going down in the 3rd quarter with an ankle injury.  He did not return.

Get your chicken wings ready for next week when when the Bills travel to Florida once more for a Sunday, 1 o’clock tilt with Doug Marrone and the Jacksonville Jaguars.

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