Red Wings New Additions

Red Wings Announcer Josh Whetzel posted his latest Wingin’ It blog, and shared with us the latest signees to the Red Wings squad, including:

  • Brock Stassi, who debuted in the Majors last year with the Phillies, and is the brother of the Houston Astros catcher Max Stassi.  Brock can play 1st and the outfield, and could be a replacement in the line-up for the departed Matt Hague
  • Gregorio Petit – a former Angel and Astro with plenty of MLB experience, and versatility around the infield.
  • Ryan LaMarre – a former Red and Red Sox who has been playing against the Red Wings for the last 4 seasons, brings some experience to the Wings outfield
  • Bobby Wilson – has spent part of  8 seasons in the majors, a majority of them with the Angels.  He’s a backup catcher who can provide the Twins with some depth, should they need a hand behind the dish in 2018

There’s more signings on the blog, and Josh also provides some other updates, and it’s well worth the read, so highly recommend it.

  1. […] it’s safe to say they will end up with the Wings.  We mentioned Wilson and Stassi before – in the case of Astudillo, he is a 26 year old catcher from Venezuela, who spent last year […]



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