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2023 NASCAR Preview: Week 12 – Kansas

Great day for a race...but mind the wind!

2023 NASCAR Preview: Week 1 – DAYTONA 500


2023 NASCAR Preview: “Wreckless” Youth

...or should that be wreck-ful?

2022 NASCAR Preview: Week 31 – Talladega

Huge race today, Big One always looming...it's 'Dega, baby!

2022 NASCAR Preview: Week 23 – Michigan

Back to ovals, and today...we go FAST!

2022 NASCAR Preview: Week 15 – World Wide Technology Raceway

The Cup Series has arrived in St. Louis!

2022 NASCAR Preview: Week 10 – Talladega

Like uncaged animals, the Cup Series drivers are released from short tracks and onto high banks! Let 'em eat!

2020 NASCAR Preview: Week 35 – Martinsville

Last chance at The 'Clip!

NASCAR leads the way…

June 27, 2020 I am not a NASCAR guy. Never closely followed it. Been to a couple of races, including Daytona, and was entertained but found it largely loud and confusing. I mean you can't tell who's winning the race. It is a cultural phenomena. Born in the south. Based in the south. Largely run ...

2020 NASCAR Preview: Week 11 – Martinsville

Wednesday night, under the lights..at Martinsville?