ROC Fan Posts are here!

Roc Sports NOW! is a website dedicated to the Sports teams that Rochester loves, and now it’s your turn to add your voice!


Submit your post! Tell us how you feel!

It’s simple – just draft an email to or fill out the form on this page.  Roc Sports Now! will add the sizzle (photos, hyper-links, graphics) – you supply the opinion!

Let us know if you want your name with-held, or if you prefer to go by an “Alias”… It’s that easy!  Your opinion will be shared on all the Roc Sports Now! Social Media pages.  Let Rochester know what you think!


Fine print – All posts are subject to editorial concerns, and may be edited for content, language, any offensive terminology (including, but not limited to, hate-speech) and all posts may be edited for length.  Roc Sports Now! reserves the right to make any changes based on standards of journalism (grammar, sentence structure, etc).  Have fun, say what you want, but be respectful to your fellow earthlings.
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