2022 NASCAR Preview: Week 13 – Kansas

No, wait…we ARE in Kansas!

We’ve completed Week 12 and are already 1/3 of the way through the NASCAR Cup season. Today we have our final Points Race before next week’s All-Star event in Texas. We haven’t been to a proper 1.5-miler in a while (years ago the schedule was DOMINATED with “cookie cutters”); what does today’s race hold for us today? As unpredictable as thunderstorms and hail in the A.M. to sunshine and lovely weather in the P.M., today’s AdventHealth 400 COULD bring the unexpected.

Here’s what to look for:

Christopher Bell knocked down another Pole. It is already his third of the season, and if he drives like he Qualified, no one is going to catch this guy. Bell has matured quickly, and is looking like he’s been in the Cup Series for years.

Kyle Busch won the Buschy McBusch Race 400 last year and…I guess we should’ve saw that one coming? Or at least Kurt. Rowdy had an early exit from last week’s race at Darlington, but he’s all smiles this week after wife Samantha gave birth to their second child, Lennix, earlier this week. He Qualified well, too, starting in the Top 10.

Kevin Harvick is averaging 5.7 over the last ten Kansas races. Wow. That is quite a feat, but he’ll have some work to do today. He’s been working his way up often in recent weeks to finish better than he started, but something just seemed off in Practice and Qualifying this week. Harvick will start 23rd today, a far cry from his four straight Top 4s.

Kyle Larson won last Fall’s race at Kansas, and like Busch had an early exit from Darlington. Dead last, in fact. Very un-Larson-like! All accounted for, he’s got an 11.8 average in eight attempts, and will start 3rd in just a little bit. We saw Joey Logano bounce back HARD after stinking it up at Dover, how does Larson rebound today?

Tyler Reddick finished 9th at this race in 2019, and 7th here last Spring. He’s only got five total Kansas attempts, but he looked like a certified veteran during yesterday’s Qualifying session. He just missed sitting on Pole, and could be a big time wild card today. Reddick has “missed it by that much!” so many times this season, and he’s starting 2nd today. Where will he finish? We find out soon enough.

Ahhhh, Kansas City! Going to get my baby back home, yeah yeah! My stomach has been growling for HOURS knowing what is ahead of us. The wait is now OVER and I’m eating picture number 1 RIGHT NOW…

Pig Salad: Burnt ends are the star of the show! Two variants; tomato, sauteed mushrooms and onions vs. bacon bits and chili powder. Cukes running wild on each! (Photo: Lisa Kuhmann)
Kansas City BBQ Ribs and Kansas City Baked Beans (Photo: Lisa Kuhmann)

Kansas City BBQ! What? Predictable? WHO CARES! –PIG SALAD. Lisa did her take on PIG SALAD with burnt ends, and we’ve got a full rack of ribs slathered in Kansas City BBQ sauce. What a feast! Sure as sugar beats those “are these done yet?” jalapenos from last week, believe you me! Great job, Leese! Yum yum yum yum!

Coverage of the race starts on FS1 at 3pm, green flag scheduled for 3:12pm.

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