Thanks for Nothing

December 25, 2021

Depending on what survey you use, the Buffalo Bills average ticket price still ranks in the bottom five of the NFL.  Club level season seats go for around 25 hundred dollars each.  People I know who have them… love them.  And the numerous perks associated with them.

Season tickets for the New York Giants are considerably more expensive. And they include the three worst words in the sport. Personal seat license (PSL). This is a fee charged for the right to purchase season tickets. Think paying a cover charge of ten dollars at Walmart for the right to come in and shop. Except for the Giants… this cover charge is up to 20,000 dollars. To watch a team that hasn’t had a winning season in nine years.

To thank their fans willing to put up with this, the team held Fan Appreciation Day Sunday.  Every season ticket holder for the Giants was entitled to a free medium soft drink.  Not a large.  A medium.  And not every season ticket holder… but every season ticket account.  So, if you own four season tickets… you get one free drink.  To split presumably.  Thanks for nothing.

A very long time ago, I had, what I thought was, my girlfriend give me a pen for Christmas.  A pen.  So, I know how Giants fans feel.

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