Jake and Doctor Rick

November 20, 2021

I’ve seen just one Aaron Rodgers commercial over the last two weeks.  And that was on a Green Bay game.  Rodgers is clearly being publicly flogged for his vaccine approach.  That’s when I realized just how much attention we’re giving these commercials.  How powerful they are.  And what a significant year 2020 was in that regard.  Because 2020 produced two real superstars.  Kevin Miles.  And Bill Glass.  Also known as Jake from State Farm.  And Dr. Rick.

Kevin Miles, “Jake from State Farm” , with Patrick Mahomes

Miles is a 31-year-old professional actor whose credits include playing a customer in the film Lap Dance.  He survived that to get the break of his career.. becoming the second Jake from State Farm.  The first was a white guy with one line.  Ugh.. khakis?  Miles now rubs elbows with the likes of Rodgers… Patrick Mahomes… Drake and Paul Rudd… and more than holds his own.  That State Farm has all but become his last name is a tribute to the effectiveness of the campaign.  His friends actually call him Jake.

Bill Glass is the 49-year-old who teaches us how not to become our parents on Progressive Insurance sports.  Dr. Rick has a fake mustache which he named ‘The Beast.’  He’s a Second City improv veteran as is that entire commercial cast.  The line about the kid with the blue hair… “We all see it”… improvised.  The Doctor says he once caught himself actually saying… “This laundry isn’t going to fold itself.”

It’s not all about celebrity.  We should thank Aaron Rodgers for redirecting our attention to some of the real stars in the commercial game.  Kevin Miles and Bill Glass.  Jake and Doctor Rick.

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