The Sycamore Legacy

September 4, 2021

So Bishop Sycamore scammed its way onto ESPN to play football and be humiliated on national television.  To what end is unclear.  But the school itself doesn’t hold classes.  Doesn’t have an actual location, although there is a post office box in Columbus, Ohio.  But plays in a league based in Texas.  Is unaccredited by choice on religious grounds.  Passes off 21 year-olds as high schoolers.  Played two games in three days last week.  And left behind a trail of unpaid bills for everything from football helmets to hotel rooms.  The head football coach was fired after leaving behind a string of arrest warrants.  And somehow Sycamore still has games scheduled.

IMG Academy plays against Bishop Sycamore on ESPN – August 29, 2021

How could this happen you ask.  And I’d answer are you serious?

Bishop Sycamore exists in a landscape that includes Danny Almonte.  Who in 2001 struck out 62 of the 72 batters he faced in the Llittle League World Series… leading his team from the Bronx to a third place finish.  Almonte was found to be two years too old for Little League and all the team’s wins were forfeited.

Danny Almonte pitches a perfect game for the Bronx little league team in August 2001 (Photo MS/SV Reuters)

Bishop Sycamore exists in a landscape that includes Rosie Ruiz.  Who in 1980 ran off course at the Boston Marathon only to re-enter the race near the finish line and be declared the winner.  In record time no less.  That didn’t stand.

Rosie Ruiz at the finish line of the 1980 Boston Marathon/Getty Images

Bishop Sycamore exists in a landscape that includes Lennay Kekua, the would-be girlfriend of Notre Dame football All-American Manti Te’o.  Lennay died of leukemia and left said player depressed and heartbroken.   Except Kekua never actually existed.  The online relationship was a scam perpetrated by an acquaintance.

Notre Dame’s Manti Te’o urges the fans to get louder as BYU and Notre Dame play Saturday, Oct. 20, 2012 in South Bend. Notre Dame won 17-14.  Scott G Winterton, Deseret News

And Bishop Sycamore exists in a landscape that includes the Spanish Paralympic basketball team which won a gold medal at the games in 2000.  Until it was discovered that ten of the twelve players were not in fact, mentally challenged.

Stolen gold: Members of the Spanish intellectually disabled basketball team with their medals after winning the Sydney 2000 Paralympics. Only two of the 12 athletes suffered from disability

How could Bishop Sycamore happen you ask?  Are you serious?

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