Duffy’s Redemption – Premiere Date Set

Find out where & when to watch Pat Duffy’s return to the boxing ring!

Follow the journey of Pat Duffy (WCMF 96.5 Breakroom, The Press Box) as he returns to the boxing ring for the 89th Annual Aquinas Mission Bouts.

Will his body hold up after 17 years away from the ring? Will his family stand-by his decision to dedicate so much time to training? Will Kimmy and Tommy make fun of Duffy?

All these questions and more will be answered when Duffy’s Redemption premieres exclusively on the ROC Sports NOW Youtube page – Tuesday August 3rd, at 7 PM Est.

Poster for “Duffy’s Redemption” – premiering August 3rd on Youtube

Join the party and watch the documentary live on August 3rd – keep your eyes on this link:

Duffy’s Redemption is produced by ROC Sports NOW and Classy Wolf Media, in association with WCMF 96.5

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