2021 NASCAR Preview: Week 5 – Phoenix

Shortest track — and race — of the year so far!

The strange start to 2021 continues, Kyle Larson the latest victor. He hasn’t even been in the Series since Week 4 of last season, suspended from competition the duration of last year. In any event, he is back in NASCAR, and back in the Winner’s Circle. We’re still yet to have a winner that we really “expected.” Now, Phoenix is a track where we see the same drivers up there year after year. If we get another unexpected winner here? Well, I won’t know what to tell you anymore.

Here’s what to look for:

Joey Logano was the winner of the Fan Shield 500 last Spring, the final race before COVID Protocol set in, and a pretty tough day here for RocSportsNow. You see, we lost Ivan The Impaler that day, and as I was telling Lisa earlier while eating our Phoenix Food (scroll down!), “Ivan will be forever linked to chimichangas.” We miss Ivan dearly, but that is a week-to-week constant. Today we’re talking about Phoenix Only, and Joey Logano here. He finished 3rd in the Fall, too.

Chase Elliott was the Fall winner, and by nature of that, the 2020 Cup Champion! He snuck into the Season Finale with an unexpected Martinsville victory, and then he won the trophy with an unexpected Phoenix victory. Wild outings! In his last ten starts here, Chase has six Top 10s.

-And now we get into those guys who are certified favorites year in, year out. Kyle Busch has a disgusting 3.6 average finish here over the last ten races, two of those are Wins and eight are Top 5s. He has led 680 laps here in that timeframe, leading all drivers.

Kevin Harvick is “2nd best” with a 4.5 average finish over the last ten races, and Top 10s? Ten! Pretty amazing. It is so tough to be consistent in NASCAR, and speaking of hitting on all cylinders, Harvick ran all but three laps last season. Say WHAT? It’s true! Wrap your mind around that one.

Denny Hamlin is next up, with only one Win. Yeah, tough to get those checkered flags when Rowdy, Happy, and Joey account for six of the last ten. Hamlin’s average is 10.2 (tied with Larson), looking to be that first marquee driver to hit Victory Lane today.

Alright, now we’re off to our main event. 3:30 is too early for dinner, too late for lunch, so you’re going to lay your eyes on our lunch that has already been eaten. Today, we present to you:

Sonoran Hot Dogs (Photo: Lisa Kuhmann)
Sonoran Hot Dog: red hot w/ colby, pinto beans, tomatoes, onions, mayonnaise bed, and mustard (Photo: Lisa Kuhmann)
Sonoran Hot Dogs: jalapeños on both, red hot w/ salsa picante; white hot w/ spicy brown mustard (Photo: Lisa Kuhmann)

The Sonoran Hot Dog! I shied away from this one initially because I didn’t like the mayonnaise on top, but Lisa was like “no way, there are a number of ways you can make them!” Wow! She went the most traditional route with hers, red hot with onions, tomatoes, mayonnaise, beans, but then added yellow mustard and Colby cheese. I had a red and a white, lodged jalapeños on both, same Colby cheese, but went with Goya Salsa Picante sauce on the red, and Spicy Brown on the white. OH, and I Forgot to mention: they’re both wrapped in BACON! I guess I saved the best for last. Good dogs though, nice job, Leese!

Coverage of the race starts on FOX at 3:30pm, green flag scheduled for 3:47pm.

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