Living Attendance

October 3, 2020

Things we never thought we’d see.  The Preakness Stakes was Saturday.  It’s usually run in May.  Same for the Kentucky Derby, which was held in September.  The US Open tennis and golf tournaments took place in back to back weeks.  The summer Olympic games are scheduled to take place in an odd number year for the first time.  Ever.

It isn’t unusual for the hockey and basketball playoffs to run simultaneously.  But for them to take place during the National Football League season is certainly unusual.  And Major League Baseball expanded to a 16-team playoff format and on Wednesday all 16 teams played.  A gluttony of games that lasted 13 hours straight. 
And of course, all of these contests have been played before almost no live crowds. 
Live is the operative word here.  If you take those eight Major League Playoff games and sell them all out, you’d wind up with between 300,000 and 400,000 fans.  That’s roughly the projection of the number of people in the United States who will die from COVID-19 by the end of the year.  As our lives are disrupted and inconvenienced, it’s an important number to keep in mind.

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