The Falcon Kickoff Rule

September 26, 2020

I let little things get to me.  Like having to cut the label off the flavored coffee cream container in order to get it recycled.  I am totally convinced that I will stab myself in the wrist with a steak knife doing that someday.  Another is trying to make the on-side kick a more realistic part of an NFL game.
Up until not long ago, I had the idea that over the last two minutes of each half, a team scoring a touchdown would keep the ball.  Winners take, in the playground vernacular.  Think of the strategy involved with that.  Trying to score at the right time for the right situation.  Few games would ever really be out of reach.  Brilliant.  Right?

But then the Atlanta Falcons came up with a better idea.  Just don’t cover the kick.  That strategy cost them a game against the Dallas Cowboys last week.  Dallas kicker Greg Zuerlein managed to kick a ball that spun on its middle like it was possessed.  Atlanta’s coverage team avoided it like it was possessed and lost the ball and the game in bazaar fashion.  
Anyway… how about this?  In the last two minutes of either half… an on side kick has to travel 10 yards before either team can touch it.  How much fun would that be?   We could call it the Falcon Kickoff Rule.  Brilliant.  Right?

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