Numbers that scare the NFL

August 1, 2020

These are the numbers that scare the hell out of the NFL today.


Those are the numbers of Miami Marlin baseball players who tested positive for Coronavirus over just two days. Going from 3. To 11. To 17. The team was shut down and the schedules of four other baseball teams altered as a result.

The Marlins opened the season in Philadelphia for 3 games. Neither team would take the field again over the next 10 days. Home plate umpire Tim Timmons (center) explains things to Marlins manager Don Mattingly (left) and Phillies manager Joe Girardi with the other umpires looking on prior to last Friday’s game in Philadelphia. Photo by Associated Press / Fulton Sun.

3-11-17 – over two days. It’s a reminder of just what we’re dealing with here. That is an alarming acceleration of infections. Baseball players have freedom of movement. On the field there are protocols. Off the field is another matter. The players are more or less on the honor system to keep themselves healthy. The future of this season is in the balance.

And that’s where the NFL comes in. They’re paying attention. Football players face even more risk. There are more players and it’s a more physical sport.

3-11-17. It’s not the end of sports. It is a warning.

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