New This Week – Wrestlevision on ROKU

The Return of Wrestlevision (2017) added this week to the WV ROKU Channel

More Classic Content added to the Wrestlevision on ROKU Channel

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Added this week – July 29, 2019

Wrestlevision: The Return – Ep. 7.01GRFX_YouTubeX

Official Description: After 9 years apart, the Wrestlevision crew comes back together, to remember all the great times from the TV show’s heyday. Scotty Bender and Ivan the Impaler re-unite, and will the magic still be there?

Original Air Date: August 19, 2017

Scotty Bender arrives at Classy Wolf Media Studios to film “Wrestlevision: The Return” in August 2017

What to Watch for:  Wrestlevision made it’s return to TV, airing for 4 weeks in August 2017 on the CW network in Rochester.  The first 2 weeks were remastered editions of the final two Wrestlevision episodes from 2008.  Week 3, saw the reunion to end all reunions… Scotty Bender and Ivan the Impaler, back together again!  And the memories… ahh, the memories.  Relive them all, won’t you?  (What I’m trying to say is, it’s a CLIP SHOW folks!)

Legends of Wrestlevision – Ep. 7.02GRFX_YouTubeX2

Official Description: The “Don’t Call It A Comeback” Reunion of Scotty Bender and Ivan the Impaler – Part 2!  Join WV’s hosts along with “Superstar” Rob Schulz. as they have a round-table discussion – sharing WV memories and remembering the local talent that has made it to the national stage – plus lots of clips!

Original Air Date: August 26, 2017

Ivan the Impaler and Superstar Rob Schulz on set, right before the filming of “Legends of Wrestlevision” from August 2017

What to Watch for:  It’s more clips from the original run of Wrestlevision, this time with shoot commentary!

Check back next week for the latest “Classic Content” to be added to the Wrestlevision Roku channel.

And – special announcement alert – watch for new episodes – new content! – coming this August to ROKU.  It’s Wrestlevision 3.0…  Airing this August on WROC-TV CBS in Rochester, NY!



Scotty Bender and Ivan the Impaler on set for the filming of Wrestlevision 3.0 – in July 2019

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