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Wrestlevision:GRUDGE added this week to the WV ROKU Channel

More Classic Content added to the Wrestlevision on ROKU Channel

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Added this week – July 22, 2019

GRUDGE – 2-Hour Prime-time Special!WVGrudge

Official Description: Wrestlevision’s Only Prime-Time Special features Seven Big “Grudge Matches”, including Teddy Hart taking on cousin Harry Smith, the British Bulldog, with Uncle Bret Hart at ringside. Brodie Lee and former partner Freddy Midnight settle the score, while two ex-ECW stars – HC Loc and Danny Doring – battle for the Upstate Heavyweight Title. Plus Cody Steele in action against Mastiff! and more!

Original Air Date: March 26, 2005 YTep_GRDUGE

What to Watch for:  Wrestlevision pulls out all the stops for it’s first (and only) foray into ‘Prime Time’… Host Scotty Bender is visited by the ‘Co-Hosts of Wrestlevision Past’ – with appearances by Sweet Lou, Superstar Rob Schulz, Handsome Randy, Ivan the Impaler and Dan Murphy.  The matches featured were all either ‘too long’ or ‘too extreme’ for the shows’ normal Sunday 3 pm timeslot.  The Ballpark Brawl III match between Teddy Hart and Harry Smith was an exclusive to GRUDGE, and that match, like the entire special, has not been broadcast since it’s original airing in March 2005.  Future national TV stars, WWE’s Luke Harper (Brodie Lee) and Impact’s Cody Deaner (Cody Steele) can be seen in early gimmicks.


Bret “The Hitman” Hart watches as his nephews (Harry Smith, Teddy Hart) congratulate each other after Teddy becomes the Natural Heavyweight Champion at Ballpark Brawl III at Dunn Tire Park, Buffalo NY on August 14, 2004 (photo courtesy Buffalo Bisons)

Check back next week for the latest “Classic Content” to be added to the Wrestlevision Roku channel.

And – special announcement alert – watch for new episodes – new content! – coming this August to ROKU.  It’s Wrestlevision 3.0… more details to come next week!



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