New This Week – Wrestlevision on ROKU

Two Classic Episodes of Wrestlevision added this week to the WV ROKU Channel

More Classic Content added to the Wrestlevision on ROKU Channel

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Added this week – July 8, 2019

Ep. 3. 19 – “Matrix Knows Best” Matrix Knows Best

Official Description: ‘Sik Rik’ Matrix joins Scotty Bender to answer your questions on all topics – while the action in the ring sees the Outkast Killers take on Cheech & Cloudy in tag team action, plus Johnny Puma battles J-Man Olivencia and Big Cat Lemmer meets Mr. Derek Allen

Original Air Date: April 2005

What to Watch for:  Sik Rik Matrix is the most “hellacious” wrestler in Western NY, and if that enough Jack, that you don’t know ‘Sik Rik’ daddy! Seriously though, beyond Matrix, there is a great tag match with Ring of Honor’s OCK (Oman Tortuga and Diablo Santiago), and the team of Cheech & Cloudy.  They were a part of “Special K” in ROH, and now, nearly 15 years later, remain active on the indy scene.

Ep. 6. 18 – “Wrestlevision Truth”WVep6-18dumptruck

Official Description: The Final Episode of the Original run of Wrestlevision – This week on WV Truth! The Hunt for Skunk Ape! Join Scotty Bender and Ivan the Impaler with special guests Rhythm & Booze as they hunt the infamous Skunk Ape of Western NY! Plus, R&B in action vs Teddy Hart & Ruckus! Presented is the 2017 Remix version.

Original Air Date: May 2008

What to Watch for:  This was the episode that closed out the 132 episodes of Wrestlevision – and the guys went out with a bang!  Buddy Del Mar and Frank The Tank, known collectively as ‘Rhythm & Booze’, guested on Wrestlevision on three occasions.  The role of the ‘Skunk Ape’ – SPOILER ALERT – is played by their manager, Colonel Johnny Kayfabe.

In August 2017, Wrestlevision returned to the airwaves with a special 2-part “Return”, and as part of that reunion, this episode was remastered in HD and aired on Rochester’s CW on Saturday August 12, 2017.


Teddy Hart squares off with Buddy Del Mar as Frank the Tank awaits the tag… with Referee Rob Ryan

Check back next week for the latest “Classic Content” to be added to the Wrestlevision Roku channel.


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