2nd Annual Plates Mile – June 27, 2019

Running and gunnin’ Trash Cans can mean only one thing – the return of the Plates Mile!

Frontier Field in Rochester hosted the 2nd Annual Plates Mile last Thursday.  The Rochester Red Wings teamed with Yellowjacket Racing and Fleet Feet to host the event.

From the official Online entry form:

Run 1 Mile while eating 4 10oz “Trash Cans”!
10 oz. “Trash Can”, 1/4 mile, 10 oz. “Trash Can”, 1/4 mile, 10 oz. “Trash Can”, 1/4 mile, 10 oz. “Trash Can”, 1/4 mile.
Each “Trash Can” will contain: mac salad, home fries and meat hot sauce. We will have trash cans without meat hot sauce available for vegetarians.

THE RACE: Participants will eat FOUR 10 oz. “Trash Cans” while running ONE mile around the confines of Frontier Field. The race will finish on field (weather permitting). The Trash Cans will consist of mac salad, home fries and meat hot sauce (we will offer cans without the meat hot sauce).

Needless to say, running one mile is not a challenge for most runners – it’s the “eating 40 ounces of deliciousness” that creates the true test – of both one’s own endurance, and intestinal fortitude.

Our own Kyle O’Gara took the challenge, along with John Likanje and Paul Gotham from Pickin’ Splinters.

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Paul Dellinger won the men’s crown, finishing with a time of 7:48.  Bridgette Hoag had the best time among women participants, finishing in 10:37.


Bridgette Hoag and Paul Dellinger were the winners of the 2nd Annual Plates Mile at Frontier Field (photo by Joe Bradt)

More than 60 people came out to Frontier Field, on a hot and sunny day, and a fun time was had by all, as the saying goes…



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