Press Box Insider – July 29, 2018

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The Press Box, presented by the Genesee Brew House, airing July 27/28, 2018.  Hosted by Bill Pucko, with guests Mike Catalana (13 WHAM Sports), Pat Duffy (WCMF Breakroom) and former New England Patriots QB Bob Bleier.

This week marked the return of the core group of the show (Pucko, Catalana & Duffy) after a summer of vacations.  Excitement was in the air, and in the 4th chair this week. Bob Bleier, who revealed prior to the show that he is related to Steelers great Rocky Bleier, always brings enthusiasm to the panel.

The opening topic revolved around Josh Hader.  The Milwaukee Brewers pitcher made his 1st appearance since his controversial twitter posts went viral, and the home crowd at Miller Park gave him a rousing ovation.  The question, for the panel and for sports fans everywhere… can we ignore bad or reprehensible behavior because of a jersey?  The topic moves closer to home when LeSean McCoy‘s name is brought up.

There may not be an easy answer, and it’s a question that everyone has to answer, sports fan or not.  Just look at the world of entertainment… can you remain a fan of Bill Cosby, knowing what he did? Louis CK? Charlie Rose?  In regards to McCoy, time will tell… he may yet be proven innocent.  Or he may be the next Ray Rice.

Sticking with the topic of the Buffalo Bills, our next segment was focused on the opening of training camp at St. John Fisher College.  As usual, the most pressing topic in Bills camp is “Who is QB1?”  And, also as usual, Mike and Pat disagree…

One thing is for sure, Rochester loves Bills Camp… it’s great to see fans coming out in droves to support the team.

Next up, a Yankees-themed Like it or Not segment.  Gary Sanchez has his effort-level questioned, and GM Brian Cashman adds Orioles closer Zach Britton to an already strong bullpen.

Pat mentions that Sanchez is having a good season on offense (14 HR), but his average remains below the Mendoza line.  The Yanks seem content to get by with Austin Romine, but there’s still time before the trade deadline to add another catcher (Wilson Ramos? JT Realmuto? Francisco Cervelli?)

Bob Bleier tackles the “Like it or Not” on adding Zach Britton – and raises the question of whether the Yanks added Britton to keep him out the Red Sox ‘pen…

Bob may be onto something… right before we taped this episode, the Red Sox traded for Nathan Eovaldi, a starting pitcher the Yanks were interested in.  Even though, what Boston really needs is relief help.  The Yanks, by the way, then moved on to their next target acquiring JA Happ from the Blue Jays.  Your move Boston…

Unfinished Business kicked off with Pat talking about Kevin Love.  Longtime viewers know Duffy as a Boston Celtics fan.  And now, you’ll know exactly how he really feels about Kevin Love…

We mentioned earlier, Bob Bleier played for the Patriots.  He also was an All-American at the University of Richmond, and ranks 3rd all-time in passing yards for the Spiders.  Bob knows a bit about Division 1 College Football.  And he’s glad to see Jalen Hurts stay at Alabama…

And, wrapping up Unfinished Business, is Mike Catalana.  Talking with Mike, it doesn’t take long before a Philly reference pops up in conversation.  Growing up in Jersey, and a stone’s throw from the City of Brotherly Love, Mike loves his Eagles.  And “The Process”.  And Chase Utley.

Philadelphia doesn’t figure into Mike’s monologue about Jimmy Garoppolo dating a porn star.  But it did keep me from having to write about Jimmy Garoppolo dating a porn star

That wraps up the Press Box for this week, our 299th episode.  That’s right, next week we celebrate our 300th episode.  Be sure to check out this space for some bonus materials from our near-Seven Season journey.

Here’s a link to the full episode – check it out, and leave us a comment or follow @TheRocPressBox on twitter to send a comment.

Tune in to the Press Box every Sunday on FOX Rochester, 10:30am, and check local listings for other airings throughout the weekend on 13 WHAM and CW Rochester.





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